Community Service Workshops

  In 2007 as a result of a partnership between the Romanian Ministry of Justice, the Department of Probation and Swiss organization VereinzurEntwicklung der Bewährungshilfe in Osteuropa (VEBO - Association for the Development of probation in Eastern Europe) the foundation of the project "Workshops for community service" was laid out. The purpose was to create a proper environment for the execution of the community service hours and to provide in the same time support and guidance for social reintegration of persons who are criminally sanctioned. Regarding the executive part, in 2008 the Foundation for Promotion of Community Sanctions (FPSC) was created with the specific role to deal with the implementation and coordination of the project "Workshops for community service".

  Three years later, within the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme to Reduce Economic and Social Disparities within the Enlarged European Union, the Foundation for Promotion of Community Sanctions, FPSC supported by the Romanian Ministry of Justice and VEBO, obtained new funding in order to continue the project on creation of workshops for community service for a further period of 45 months.

  The budget of the project is 1294000 CHF, out of which  1100000 (85%) CHF is the amount granted by the Swiss Confederation and 194000 CHF (15%) represents the contribution of the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

  The objective of the project is to create new opportunities for performing community service by developing a network of workshops, in certain areas where this activity can be executed in a safe environment and can be easily measured and monitored.