The mission of the Foundation for Promoting Community Sanctions is to promote and sustain the community measures in Romania by ensuring an efficient execution of community sanctions and measures, extension of alternative opportunities towards the execution of custodial penalties, by delivering social services for the reintegration of individuals that committed crimes or of the ones that are in risk of delinquency, by initiating and supporting projects that are designed to develop the community sanctions and measures.

   Until the present time the Foundation for Promoting Community Sanctions developed three community workshops conceived for the execution of community servise obligation, in conditions of precise supervision and individual protection. The workshops are located in Brasov (functional since 2009), Bucharest (functional since 2011) and Timisoara (functional since 2012), having as a main activity the manual dismantling of electrical and electronic waste.

   The positive recorded results over the years, makes the project “Community service workshops” a good practice model regarding the execution of community service obligation.